As we are authorized distributors for many reputed international companies, we offer warranty on a wide range of products sold by us. To ensure optimum service, we have undertaken the following measures:

  • A wide range of products we offer are stocked in our go-down. This enables us provide immediate delivery for our customers.
  • We offer field (on site) service to meet emergency service requirements.
  • Off field service support is also available to the customers as and when required.

We also offer technical assistance and consultancy to all our customers in selecting right products. Our wide range of technical support includes:

  • We undertake repair and maintenance using a wide range of spares available ex-stock for all the products offered by us.
  • An excellent 20000 square feet service center, supported with ample spares and 100hp test bench for all the products promoted by the organization to ensure very prompt service to the customers.
  • The service center also has a general engineering workshop to support “on the spot” repairs. Our dedicated team of experts is fully capable of ensuring detailed inspection of any damage or failure as well as undertaking appropriate measures to combat the same.
  • Our service center has separate test benches for our hydraulic range of products and another test bench for our servo packages.
  • In addition to this, we have an advanced electronics lab built inside our service center which is exclusively designed to cater to requirements of our clients using servo packages in their systems. It is here where our skilled technical staff programs the drives as per the customer requirement.
  • Every servo package supplied to the customer is pre-programed by our engineers as per the requirement of our clients. They are customized as per application for which they have to be used by our customers to ensure that are customers do-not face any trouble during installation of these packages.
  • Servo packages are supplied after proper testing in our service station during which they are subjected to multiple range of conditions which is similar to the conditions they will be operating when installed in the field.
  • Suitable products and component selection for the customers considering the quality, reliability, price, availability of various reputed hydraulic products available across the world.
  • Servicing, repairing of any kind of hydraulic components systems, pumps, motors and other products sold by us.
  • Providing sophisticated manifold blocks with cartridge valves.
  • Providing technical solution for various applications.
  • We help in resolving various technical problems related to oil hydraulics, trouble shooting, identification of the problems etc.
  • We also undertake repairing of servo drives provided by us.